e-B2B, a business to business booking system
for meet the buyer and networking events

Booking System for Meet The Buyer and Networking Events

How it works

Our e-B2B service eases the organising and management of meet the buyer and networking events, providing an effective online facility for two businesses to easily book sessions with one another.

Simply invite businesses to register online, using their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, which allows them to review schedules for themselves and other businesses to find a mutually free slot to suit both parties.

Whatever your event or activity then get in touch and we would really like to introduce you to the benefits of allowing our e-B2B service to take the headaches out of the planning and organising that goes into it.

Configure your event with many different settings, including the window open and close dates and times, any applicable registration and booking fees, plus categories to ease the booking and matching process for businesses.

The booking system itself is customised with your own branding, to reinforce that of your organisation and event. You can create your own theme and content which will provide more detail of the event and promote to businesses why they will want to register and attend.

Core Features

There are an ever growing number of features within the system, which is continually evolving as more businesses begin to manage new styles of events and feedback ideas and neat features they'd like to see. The following are just come of the core features available within the system already:

  • White labelled to represent your own business identity
  • Customised with your own branding, colours and fonts
  • Optionally configured with your own domain name
  • Run free or paid events, provide integrated online payment
  • Quick and easy online registrations for businesses
  • Single online business accounts for repeated usage
  • Secure access provided using SSL and HTTP(S)
  • Create a schedule of events throughout the year
  • Tailor each event to be the same or have different settings
  • Events configured with start, end, lunch and break timings
  • Meeting slots configurable by time period and duration
  • Define event categories to help with business matching
  • Automated emailing of timetables and booking slots
  • On the day event register and timetable adjustments

  • If there is a feature that isn't already supported then let us know and we'd like to investigate the requirement further to see how we could incorporate it.

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